Society for Judgment and Decision Making

Joining SJDM, paying dues, registering for meeting, and making donations

How to join or pay dues

We have two methods:

1. A FORM: One way to become a member of the Society for Judgment and Decision Making, or to pay dues, is to download and print the membership form, and follow its instructions.

Checks should be made out to Judgment/Decision Making Society in US currency and payable through a US bank.

2. CREDIT CARD OR PAYPAL: Please fill in all the fields, even if you have done it before. For new members, the email address you enter here will be your official address in our records (for elections, abstract submissions for the meeting, etc.). We recommend that you (the member) pay for this yourself. It takes us extra time when someone else pays for you.

Membership type
Department and institution
First (Given) Name (ex: Amos)
Last (Family) Name (ex: Tversky)
Primary field
Email for membership

When you join for the first time, you will get a password from the sjdm-members mailing list. This password allows you to access the members section of the web site, as well as forms for changing the information we have about you, such as your email address, or for checking your dues payments. Please use only one email address in all dealings with SJDM. For most purposes, that is how we identify you.

The fee for the annual meeting will be set later, but it has never been more than $375, and the average for the last 10 years was $200.

How to donate additional money to the Society

Note that donations are tax deductable in the U.S. SJDM is a recongized non-profit institution. Membership dues and registration fees are not deductable but they may be covered by other sources such as grants, or reported on form C.

Donate to the society with no restrictions:

Donate to the Beattie Award fund:

Donate to the Women in SJDM Annual Lunch Fund:

Member Benefits

How to modify your membership information without making any payment

If you are a member, you can use this form to modify your information. You must know your password, which was sent to you from the sjdm-members mailing list.

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