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Welcome to the Decision Making Individual Differences Inventory (DMIDI)!

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The DMIDI was developed by Kirstin Appelt with Kerry Milch, Michel Handgraaf, & Elke Weber. The DMIDI is currently maintained by Dave Hardisty.

The DMIDI is a catalogue of over 170 individual difference measures commonly used in judgment and decision-making research.

  • Basic descriptive information (including references & scale information) is available for all measures. Measures that are publicly available are posted for easy downloading for research and educational use only. Detailed information on history of use (including significance and consistency of results) is available for a subset of measures.
  • To learn more about the various individual difference measures, please click on a category below or to the left in the navigation bar. You may also peruse the alphabetical list of measures. Please be sure to see our sample measure that explains our approach.
  • If you would like to acknowledge use of the DMIDI, please cite our paper, which introduces the DMIDI, provides an overview of individual differences in JDM, and offers recommendations for future individual differences research in JDM:
  • Do you have measures to add or information to share? Email scale information, results (whether significant or null, published or unpublished), and relevant meta-analyses or reviews to Kirstin at
  • Also check out Alan Reifman's Questionnaire Instrument Compendium (QIC), the APA's forthcoming PsychTESTS, and the NIH's GEM-beta. For measures related to environmental psychology and decision making, see the Conservation Psychology database.


Decision-Making Measures
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Personality Measures
Miscellaneous Measures
Measures that don't fit into any of our other categories.
  • Please note that the DMIDI is still under construction. We are in the process of obtaining permission to post scales. We are also, of course, always adding new measures.
  • Because of copyright issues, we cannot upload articles that are not from open access journals. Instead we link to these articles via their publisher's websites so that you may view the abstract. To view the entire article, you will need a personal or institutional subscription to the journal/publisher/society.
    • APA has redesigned the interface through which its journal articles can be accessed. In order to view even the abstracts of APA journal articles, you will need to create a free APA account (you will be prompted to do so if you click on any links to APA journals).
A-Z Scales
Risk Attitude
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We'd like to thank Galen Treuer, Charles Whitman Gillihan, Troy Simpson, Sriya Sundaresan, Martina Jansen, Mark Havel, Jessica Baltman, Tamar Glattstein, Terri Shenker, and Karen Alper for their assistance.